Criminal Defense

An accused person is “innocent until proven guilty” and the team at Patrick O. Forrester, P.C., uses that principle as the foundation for our work.   We work tirelessly for the accused facing prosecution to beat the charges and regain their place in society so as not be limited in opportunities as usually results in convictions.  With unlimited governmental resources working hard against the accused, we work even harder, understanding that we may be the only chance the accused has under this usually oppressive system and we do not take it for granted.

We make ourselves available:

-          24 hours for police precinct show up with our clients for the arrest process;

-          24 hours to prevent or stop police interrogation of our clients;

-          to attend Police Identification Parades; and

-          For day and night Arraignments (First time in Court facing charges).

Should you, your family members or friends become the focus of an investigation, a suspect of a crime or if you are contacted by the police to speak with them for any reason contact us immediately at:  (718) 325-5500.  “Don’t show up without us.”